Welcome to Junkyard Tools where you can find quality American-made tools at affordable prices. These QUALITY TOOLS ARE RESCUED from the JUNKYARD!

Are you tired of seeing “made in China” on your tools? Do you have missing sockets or wrenches? Or just have a need for a spare set of tools? Then this is the place for you.

I will buy, sell, or take trade-ins for just about anything that has value, demand, and usefulness as intended (preferably American made). This site will be changing often in the future. However, I will try to maintain a basic core tool inventory as much as possible. Watch us grow!

Add us to your bookmarks or favorites because of inventory turnover and new additions. This website is also RSS compatible.


Junkyard Tools Version of 50 Tools Everyone Should Own

Recently, I saw an article on the Popular Mechanics' website and didn't agree with some of the tools on their list "for everyone." So I decided to create my own more modern version below. These are basic tools everyone should have in order of importance to do a minimum amount of do-it-yourself repair and maintenance.

Wright Tools additions

Recently, I have started adding Wright Tools to the catalog. These are high quality tools at a mid-level prices. I've also added Wright to the history pages so you can read up on these great tools.

-- dawg

Still Building!

I'm still adding more and more info and tools to the catalog. It takes a lot of time so please bear with me, and stay tuned! I recently added many socket brands such as Craftsman, S-K and some high-quality Wright sockets. More to come in the near future.


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