There are many great old tools still around and still in use today, but did you ever wonder what happened to the company that made them?

Although your wife and militant animal-rights activists might not agree, no doubt one of the primary things that separates humans from animals is the use of tools. It goes back farther than written history. Our opposing thumbs allow us that convenience while our brains help us put them to use.

But in the more mundane world we all experience day to day it is also nice to know how a brand of tools got its start. So I have included some tool history here that might create some new interest in your tools. The list below is just a starter list of popular tools. Others will be added in the future.

Just because something is old doesn't necessarily mean it's good, and likewise, change for the sake of change isn't necessarily progress. However, when a tool has been in use for over 30 years and still does it's intended job, then that tool is worth knowing about and owning one.


S-K Hand Tools

Channellock Tools

Thorsen Tools USA

Bonney Tools

New Britain Tools

Wilton Vises

Porter-Cable Power Tools

Walker Hydraulic Jacks

If you have any information regarding tool history, or see that I have made a mistake, then feel free to contact me with the new information.