TOOL HISTORY - New Britain Tools

The New Britain Machine Company was founded in 1887, in New Britain Connecticut as a manufacturer of hand tools. Ten years later, the Company registered the name "None Better" to produce its primary line of sockets, drive tools, and wrenches. However, the Company throughout its history was primarily a tool maker for other familiar American brands until its demise. Name brands such as Craftsman, Husky, Blackhawk, and NAPA have all been produced by New Britain. Some of those companies were actually owned by New Britain as well. You will likely find those other brands that New Britain produced than tools with the New Britain logo or None Better hand tool brand.

Eventually, New Britain was purchased by Litton Industrial Products in 1972, and then when they were acquired by Stanley sometime in the 1980s, the New Britain company disappeared.

These tools are very good quality and if you can purchase any of these hand tools then you have likely made a good purchase of a quality American made tool from the past. You won't regret it. I'm always on the lookout for these fine tools!

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